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Tom Gentile had a strong d

Tom Gentile (1914-2013) had a strong desire to learn how to make concrete blocks faster and better when he worked with his father and made them "by-hand" in the 1930's, during the great depression, in Schenectady, New York. He had ambition and an active imagination and so, in 1956 he bought a piece of vacant farm land in Colonie next to the railroad tracks so that cement could be brought in by rail.  He cleared the land and convinced some friends from Schenectady to help him build a factory in Colonie. They often worked intently from sun up to sun down building a factory and installing a machine that made blocks automatically, instead of making them the old fashioned way, by hand.  Eventually, on June 14th, 1957, a fully automatic Besser Block Machine, which made 3 at a time was up and running.  In the years that followed, back in the "good old days", Colonie Block prospered and became known as the one concrete block manufacturer in the area, that consistently manufactured high quality concrete blocks and delivered them on time. It still has this reputation today.  Ask any contractor who uses them.

Ten years later, one of Tom’s daughter, Marlene had earned a degree in accounting and joined the firm.  Marlene still uses her accounting expertise and customer service skills to manage the business today.

We know that some things are bound to change, but other things still remain the same. You, our customers, are always the most important part of any transaction.  Please come by and visit us and talk about the projects you are planning to do now or in the future. We will work together with you (see B4 and After Page) to find the best solution for you. At Colonie Block and Supply Company we are committed to providing our customers with knowledge of our products, suggestions for ways to deal with everything from installing a septic tank to drainage problems at your business or home.  We offer competitive pricing and pride ourselves in the quality of products we manufacture as well as the products we sell from other suppliers.